Applied Business Ethics and Corporate Compliance

A vibrant, engaging, and fully-globalized ethics and compliance programme, which not only respects legitimate cross-cultural concerns but also asserts a cosmopolitan ethos (universal values and beliefs) is the only viable preventative to corporate corruption, attrition, harassment and theft; whereby each ethical risk factor is inextricably linked to your reputational cachet and operating margins.

This training workshop will guide and practice you through these situations and more:

  • Why Business Ethics- Converting Sceptics
  • Codes of Conduct in Everyday Business
  • Converting Codes into Culture
  • Training for Global Compliance
  • Ethics and Compliance Risk Management • Defining a Corporate Integrity Vision
  • Meeting the "What's in it for me" Challenge
  • Regulatory Compulsion- List of Workable Standards
  • Help Line- Report of Wrong doings and Internal Investigations
  • Filling the MBA Graduate Ethics Gap
  • Performance Measurement- Analytics and Metrics
  • Ethical Decision-making Models and Applications
  • Designing a Work-team Ethics Plan
  • Workplace Unit Ethics Coordinator (UEC) Qualification
  • Case Study Facilitation Skills and Techniques
  • Training the Board of Directors

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Corporate Transformational Leadership

Often the biggest challenge in getting a new idea into the corporate mind is getting an old one out. While leadership theory may have emerged from traditional lines of corporate control, the contemporary imperative is for an agile, innovative, and adaptive organizational structure that inspires well-educated and intelligent employees through its focus on vision, empowerment, and employee transformation.

This training workshop will guide and practice you through these situations and more:

  • The Manager/Leader Contradiction
  • The Transactional/Transformational Dialectic
  • Trait Theory of Applied Leadership
  • Behavioural Theory of Applied Leadership
  • Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Leadership
  • Leader/Member Trust-Building Matrix
  • Understanding the Art of Charisma
  • Turning Constituents into Leaders
  • Providing Team-Leadership
  • The Concept of Superleadership
  • Leading Through Empowerment
  • Self-Leadership (or Self-Management)
  • Self-Managed Work Teams
  • Leading Without Authority
  • Gender Issues in Leadership
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • 360 Degree- Leadership Assessment

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The Public Face of Your Corporate Services

Public Speaking- The Public Face of Your Corporate Services- Emergent technology notwithstanding- Public, Private, and individual corporate success is contingent on building profitable relationships. The cornerstone of building a business relationship is effective communication; whereby the ability to speak personally so as to engage your target audience, as the public face of the company, is a corporate imperative. This training workshop will guide and practice you through these situations and more:

  • Captivate your Audience
  • Discover the 3 things audiences love about presenters
  • Cut preparation time in half
  • Avoid the top ten terrible turn-offs
  • Create a more dynamic style
  • Learn the secrets of the "rivet factor"
  • Utilize the art of charisma
  • Make dull facts and figures come to life
  • Manage "sticky situations"
  • Apply 13 techniques for handling nervousness
  • How to encourage audience participation
  • Use 15 professional techniques to become a memorable speaker
  • Answer difficult questions with ease
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses using the Applause Meter
  • How to organize your thoughts using the Presentation Planner
  • The secrets of steak, sizzle and style

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HR Ethics Coordinator Qualification

This HR Qualification will empower managerial leadership with the ethics intelligence to contribute to a healthy, structured and union-friendly ethical workplace climate – securing your corporate culture while safeguarding operating margins.

The HR Ethics Coordinator Qualification course combines leading-edge theory with innovative and practical group case study and facilitation experience. This training session will guide you through the following:

  • Promote ethical Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Recognize, pre-empt and mitigate ethical risk factors
  • Build a structured, union-friendly and reprisal-free ethics community
  • Respond to ethical issues and challenges in the workplace
  • Apply ethical decision-making modeling techniques
  • Enhance your ethics case study facilitation skills

Qualifies as 13 CPD hours – CHRP/HRPA recertification credit.

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Protocol and Business Etiquette

The International Protocol and Business Etiquette training workshop sessions include How to Outclass the Competition, How to Succeed in the International Arena and Dine Like a Diplomat. How to Outclass the Competition - First impressions set the stage for further success. Savvy executives who practice proper business etiquette generate positive first impressions, which open doors to expanded business opportunities. This training session will guide you through these situations and more:

  • How to Distinguish Yourself from the Competition
  • How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
  • Handshaking - The Ultimate Greeting
  • Introducing Yourself and Others
  • Effective Business Meal and Golf Course Tactics
  • Orders of "Dressing for Success"

How to Succeed in the International Arena- Conducting business in the global marketplace can be daunting without specialized international protocol knowledge. This training session will guide you through these situations and more:

  • Importance of Rank and Status
  • Forms of Address
  • Etiquette and Protocol Intelligence
  • Pre-meeting Action Plan
  • Negotiating to Win
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Electronic Communications
  • Business Introductions
  • Eye Signals and Body Language
  • Global Communication and Conversation Styles
  • Cultural Awareness and Gift Giving Protocols
  • Strategic Do's and Don'ts

Dine Like a Diplomat - Dining skills are vital in a very competitive business environment, which includes discussions during meals, evening entertaining, and other social gatherings where it is never about food - it is always about building relationships. This training session will guide you through these situations and more:

  • Business Entertaining and Closing the Deal
  • Extending and Accepting Invitations
  • Receiving Lines
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Seating Plans and the Silent-Server Code
  • Toasting for Success
  • Styles of Eating - American, Continental, and Asian
  • Silverware Savvy
  • World-class Dining Do's and Don'ts

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For more information please read our Business Ethics and Corporate Compliance brochure (PDF).

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